Worthy Driver

The requirement to obtain a Learners Licence


The applicant for a learners licence is required to have the following when he/she comes to the driving testing centre:


  • Completed application form for learners licence (available at your nearest driver testing station).
  • The applicant’s eyes will be tested (visual acuity).
  • Certified copy of Acceptable identification of the applicant.
  • An application fee is payable.
  • If the applicant is older than 65 years, a medical certificate must be submitted on the approved form (available at the nearest registering authority).



What a Learners Licence Test includes


  • Rules of the road
  • Road traffic signs
  • Vehicle controls (for the vehicle class you applied for)
  • Other things relating to the road


When collecting your Drivers Licence card you need:


  • A learner driver must at all times be accompanied by someone with a valid driver's licence.
  • A learner driver must at all times carry his/her Learners Licence when driving.
  • A learners driver must not carry passengers for reward.
  • When driving a vehicle a learner driver must make sure that a red sign in the form of the letter L is displayed on the rear right-hand side of the motor vehicle he/she is driving. (Excluding motorcycles)
  • The learner driver driving a motorcycle that does not have a side-car must not to carry passengers


The requirement to obtain a Drivers Licence


The application for a driving licence and renewal thereof must be made at the driving testing centre and accompanied by:


  • Completed application form for driving licence (available at your nearest driver testing station).
  • Certified Copy of Acceptable identification.
  • An application fee is payable.


Conversion of Foreign Driving Licence


A driving licence issued in another country is deemed to be valid for the period of validity in that country.


  • Requirements:
  • Certified Copy of Valid Driving Licence from foreign country
  • Affidavit plus copy of lost DL required if the card is not presented – approval subject to approval from Minister of Works & Transport o Hand in DL Card only if expired
  • Original Confirmation Letter from competent issuing authority from foreign country (excluding letter from embassy \ high commission consulate)
  • Sworn translation if the language on Foreign Driving Licence is not English
  • DL must indicate vehicle and driver restrictions and applicable vehicle category codes
  • Foreign DL must have a photo, signature, initials, surname, licence number, expiry date, and date of issue, name of issuing authority and country of issue.
  • Applicant must be legally in the country: (Permanent Residence Permit, Temporary Residence Permit, or if employed, work permit and letter from employer and must have stayed in the country for a minimum of 12 months, or Study Permit, Domicile, Marriage Certificate + ID of Citizen Spouse, Refugee status certificate, etc.).


Driving restrictions without Professional Authorisation


The holder of the following codes of licences may not drive the class of motor vehicle to which it relates unless the licence is endorsed with a professional authorisation:


  • Codes C1, C, C1E and CE;
  • Any code if the vehicle is used to convey for passengers for reward.
  • Any code if the vehicle is used to convey dangerous goods.
  • Any code if it relates to operating a breakdown vehicle.


Categories of Professional Authorisation


  • “P” for transporting of Passengers only
  • “G” for transporting of Goods only
  • “D” for transporting of Dangerous goods only


Disqualifications for Professional Authorisation


The applicant must not have been convicted in the past five years (5) of the following:


  • Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs that have narcotic effects.
  • Driving a motor vehicle while in the blood or breath exceeded a statutory limitation;
  • Reckless and negligent driving; or in the case of authorisation for conveying passengers, an offence of which violence was an element.
  • The application for professional authorization must be made at the driving testing station.