Worthy Driver

Hello there. My name is Mr. D and  I will be your instructor in this journey to help you become a worthy driver.

I am confident that by the end of this course you will understand and master all there is to know to safely operate a vehicle on the road.

So let’s gets straight into it.


Who is this course for?


For Beginners:

If you want to get a learner's license but you don’t know where to start. Reading a 100-page book seems overwhelming and practical lessons help you learn much better, then this course is designed for you.


For Seasoned Drivers:

Or maybe you have a driver’s license and have been driving for a while, but you want to refresh your knowledge of the road, then you are at the right place.


For Driving School Instructors:

This course also caters to Driving School Instructors who are looking for a better way to teach their students.


What you will learn?


This course includes

  • Rules of the road
  • Road traffic signs
  • Vehicle controls
  • Learners license test
  • Requirements and procedures to get a learner’s license.
  • Requirements and procedures to get a driver's license.
  • Professional driving licenses and
  • Foreign driving licenses

All lessons are designed to be interactive and easy to understand and master. each lesson has a quiz at the end to test what you have learned.

The Learners Licence Test, in particular, is a collection of questions from the lessons you will learn. If you score 80% and above in the learner's license test you can be confident that you have achieved half of what it takes to be a worthy driver.


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